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Whether your clients are investing for growth or for income, the Santander Atlas Portfolios are multi-asset portfolios built using both active and passive funds managed to an agreed volatility boundary with a competitive cap on fees and charges.

The five Growth Portfolios are managed to specific risk profiles, so you can choose the portfolios that suits your client investment objective, depending on how much risk they are prepare and able to take.

The Income Portfolio aims to produce a target annual income of 3-4%, not guaranteed, with the potential for capital growth over 5+ years.

Although, the portfolios have their own objectives, they all take the same approach towards achieving the set objectives.

  • Diversification across different asset classes and geographies to allow investors to benefit from opportunities that arise in different market conditions.
  • Clarity over the amount of return expected for a given level of risk. For the Income Portfolio there is a set target risk range.
  • Access to high rated and wide selection of funds.
  • Benefiting from some of the lowest charges and fees on the market.
  • Peace of mind that your investment is being closely monitored. 

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