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Fund centre

Address changes for the inspection of all fund related documents and postal applications from 1 October 2020.*

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* Please note that from 1 October 2020, the address for the inspection of all fund related documents changed to:
FNZ TA Services Ltd
Level 7
2 Redman Place
London E20 1JQ
United Kingdom
And the address for any postal applications relating to shares changed to:
Santander Asset Management UK Limited
PO Box 12892
United Kingdom
These changes will be reflected where relevant in all fund literature. In addition, we have clarified that, as detailed in our Complaints Policy, any customer complaints should be sent by email to SAMUKComplaints@santanderam.com, or by post to:
Santander Asset Management UK: Commercial Team 
10 Brock Street 
Regent’s Place 
London NW1 3FG
United Kingdom
In addition to being published on the Financial Express Fundinfo website (www.trustnet.com) and available from other data vendors, share prices can be obtained by calling +44 (0)330 024 0785.