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Santander Asset Management strives to create customised solutions for all our institutional clients, with a tightly controlled  risks management and asset diversification.

Over the years we have worked with a broad spectrum of institutional clients such as corporations, insurance companies, pension funds, financial institutions, associations, charities, mutual societies and hedge funds to help them achieved their financial objectives.



Our strong presence in the region and long-term fundamental investing approach define our regional capabilities in Latin American Equities. Our focus is on generating alpha through the optimisation of a regional investment approach.

Our Latin America Equity team experience and strong presence in local markets gives us a unique position to identify unique and dynamics opportunities in regional markets.

Our insights in the region together with our consistent and disciplined investment approach, based on proprietary fundamental research for stock selection, translate on valuation parameters that maximise returns for investors.

Risk management and capital preservation are deeply rooted in our philosophy, and together with proprietary style, allows us to take advantage of opportunities arising from under-valued companies.


Our regional capabilities in Latin American Fixed Income are led from our headquarters in London. And, toghether with our on-the-ground team of investment professionals in Latin American have a combined experience of over 15 years in the industry.

The Latin American Fixed Income team is organised by sectors and uses its combination of global and local presence to develop a fundamental investing approach, focused on regional and global insights, combines external and proprietary analysis. Our objective is to deliver a regional portfolio that targets the highest possible return for a defined risk appetite.


The UK Multi-Asset Solutions teams key objective is to deliver globally diversified investment solutions fused on stablished risk-return profiles. The team is part of a functional unit known as Global Multi-Asset Solutions (GMAS), deployed globally and led from our London hub.

GMAS teams are organized under 3 key global functions: Research, Portfolio Construction and Implementation and Quantitative Investment Solutions.

The GMAS teams focus on alpha generation across multi-assets portfolios through the creation of a systematic and repeatable Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) process.

The Quantitative Investment Solutions team deploys uncorrelated return streams, developed internally or sourced from third parties, to contribute to the GMAS Product Suite providing value-add opportunities, such as:

  • New sources of return streams: smart beta & risk premia strategies
  • Innovative outcome-oriented solutions: absolute returns strategies
  • Risk mitigation strategies to optimise risk-return clients' portfolios
  • Additional sources of alpha for portfolios through a specialised selection of alternative products


We offer a range of illiquid strategies managed by an experienced team of more than 20  highly specialised professionals across Europe and Latin America. Our aim is to provide investors with a range of superior relative strategies that can hold their value through the cycle, where we have a clear advantage sourcing, analysing and monitoring the risk we undertake on behalf of our clients.

Core strategies:

  • Infrastructure debt
  • Private debt
  • Trade finance
  • Real estate debt
  • Real estate equity