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Helping your clients make the most of regular portfolio reviews

In some ways, creating a portfolio that reflects an investor’s appetite for risk, goals and circumstances is the easy part. Maintaining that over the long-term can be much more complex thanks to macro events, changing circumstances and investor behavior often triggered by different emotions. Regular reviews are one way you can help clients to keep on the right track.

Market conditions mean challenges for portfolio construction

Even as nations and economies grapple with higher inflation and continue to manage the fall-out of COVID-19, investment professionals must focus on the longer-term and the challenges which lie ahead.

Navigating the links between geopolitics and portfolio performance

Navigating the links between geopolitics and portfolio performance

Advisers and investors have long paid close attention to the impacts of geopolitical events on investment markets and portfolios. But such impacts can be complex and even counterintuitive, requiring advisers to both guide investors and calm their nerves.

Where now for the growth vs value debate?

After a decade in which growth investments were dominant the pendulum has, over the past two years, swung back towards value again. As we consider the shifting tides of the investment world, how will the changing fortunes of growth and value investing play out in the years to come?