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Our Funds

Our Funds

We like to think we’re a little more down to earth than a lot of asset managers. We know that people appreciate value for money, keeping things simple plus strong risk management. It’s this ethos that underpins all of our Funds, and we are very focused on meeting your expectations.

Here are some of the Fund solutions we offer:

Multi Strategy Solutions
Our Santander Atlas Portfolios for Growth and Santander Atlas Income Portfolio are global multi-asset, multi-manager Funds that take a risk-targeted approach to meeting your investment needs and expectations.

Our Portfolio Investments are designed for investors who are looking for the potential for greater returns versus cash, either from taking a regular income or leaving their money to grow over the medium-to-long term (five years or more).

UK Equity Income Solutions
Our Santander Equity Income Unit Trust and Santander Enhanced Income Portfolio are ideal if you are looking for a solid, sustainable income that grows over time.

UK Fixed Income Solutions
If you are looking to diversify your portfolio and need a good, solid building block in the form of a fixed income investment, we have three Funds to offer: the  Santander Sterling Government Bond, the Santander Corporate Bond and the Santander Strategic Bond.