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Santander Strategic Bond

A Strategic Bond Fund is a flexible product that is designed to be a 'one-stop shop' for investors wishing to gain access to a diversified portfolio of bonds. Strategic bond funds are increasing in popularity due to a period of more difficult bond market conditions. Investors are looking for an expert to look after their bond allocation for them.

Here are some of the key features of our Strategic Bond Fund, and why we think you should invest with us:

Fund objective
The Fund aims to maximise returns by seeking out opportunities and investing across the universe of interest-bearing securities.

Who is the Fund suitable for?
This Fund could be suitable if your client is looking to invest over the medium term and is potentially looking for an income. It is best as part of a wider portfolio. Your client should:

  • Be prepared to accept a moderate level of volatility
  • Be investing for the longer term (at least five years)
  • Accept that they may not get back as much as they invested

How is income paid?
We pay income quarterly, in February, May, August and November. The income is not smoothed.

Why recommend this Fund?

  • A flexible approach to finding the right investment opportunities
  • Thorough research that sees us combine our views on the global economy with detailed and rigorous analysis of specific investments
  • Small and nimble, allowing the team a competitive advantage in navigating fixed income markets
  • Simple and competitively priced share class structure

How is the Fund invested?
The Strategic Bond Fund is an actively managed fixed income portfolio. The Fund has the flexibility to invest in the right investment opportunities from all areas of the UK fixed income market, but also global fixed income markets.

What are the charges?
This Fund has an ongoing charge of 0.63%.

Find out more
If you would like more information on the Strategic Bond Fund, please visit our Funds Prices, Performance and Documents Tool where you can find Factsheets, Key Features and Past Performance data for our Funds.


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