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How We Invest

Our dedicated Fixed Income team is entrusted with in excess of £2.5 billion of client assets. With areas of expertise spanning government bond markets, investment-grade and high-yield debt, you can be sure your clients’ money is in safe hands.

A disciplined approach to fixed income investment
Our highly experienced investment team is stringent and disciplined in its approach to bond selection. As careful custodians of your wealth, each bond is carefully scrutinised to build a fund that exactly meets your needs.

Ongoing fund management
While fixed income investments are considered to be less risky than shares, there is always the possibility of losing money. We won’t take unnecessary risks, but will instead focus on solid and sustainable performance. Our Funds come with clear objectives, and we ensure our investment processes are rigorous. Essentially, we keep things simple and focus on doing what we say we’re going to do.

A close-knit team
The team’s close-knit ethos means that Portfolio ideas are debated and managed in a collegiate and supportive atmosphere. We don’t make investment decisions using large committees because they’re not particularly good at it. Instead, we work in small, accountable teams. 


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