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Investment Approach

Best Corporate Governance

Regardless of which of our Funds you choose, our investment principles remain the same:

A simple and flexible approach
Our process is based on fundamental analysis, together with a conservative approach to risk. This model is designed to provide you with added value, and to focus on consistently delivering the best possible risk/reward trade off. We do not employ one single style to investment management but instead adopt a more flexible approach.

Always at the helm with dynamic, active management
We have an extremely dynamic, comprehensive and robust investment process. Our investment teams monitor the Funds every day, always making sure the existing holdings are appropriate.

Value for money
We believe everyone has the right to expect that their returns will not be eaten into by excessive, hidden charges.

Our products are designed to be transparent, making them easier to understand and ensuring you know exactly what they are invested in and what they are paying for.

Cost is important, but it shouldn’t get in the way of performance. We never let our strict cost framework interfere with how we manage our Funds. We only ever invest in the most appropriate Fund Managers and established companies, and we hire high calibre investment professionals, with proven success in their field.

Sticking to our word
Our Funds come with clear objectives, which we manage on a daily basis using our rigorous and robust investment process. We keep things simple and focus on doing what we say we’re going to do.

Prudence in risk
Prudence in risk has been a Santander Asset Management hallmark since it was founded. Although the entire organisation is involved in risk management, the control functions are managed independently from the business. Prudence in risk is a key element that upholds all business areas within Santander Asset Management. We believe the only means of effective control is through established Risk and Compliance teams that operate independently from local managers.


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