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Ten Things We Stand For

When it comes to managing investments, it’s good to be clear on some principles. Here are 10 things we stand for across our Atlas Portfolio range:

  1. Solutions, NOT products
    The client is at the heart of everything we do. This commitment means we design our Portfolio solutions to meet the needs of our clients, instead of running funds just because we can.
  2. Manage risk, NOT avoid it
    Risk is an essential investment tool in portfolio management. Alongside return expectations and time horizon, the understanding and controlled use of risk is the bedrock of appropriate investment decision-making.
  3. Multi-discipline, NOT style constrained
    There is no single approach or style to succeed in an ever-changing investment climate. We supplement quantitative rigour with qualitative research and a flexible approach to strategy and vehicle selection.
  4. Success driven by process, NOT luck
    We have no place for a gambling culture. A robust process driven by a high-quality team is the key to consistent delivery for our clients.
  5. Market opportunity, NOT market efficiency
    Market efficiency is often misunderstood as a reason to avoid active management; a functioning pricing mechanism based on rational investor behaviour does not preclude investment opportunity.
  6. Dynamic process, NOT dogmatic inertia
    A robust process must have room to evolve and adapt to an ever-changing investment environment.
  7. Holistic appraisal, NOT return obsession
    The industry obsession with return in isolation has become unhealthy. An investment decision must take into account a range of factors extending beyond simple risk/return expectations, including liquidity, costs, exit strategy, diversification and portfolio construction.
  8. Investment partnerships, NOT ivory towers
    We have a culture of openness, accessibility and full transparency – essential foundations for a long-term, successful relationship with our clients.
  9. Informative, open communication, NOT unnecessary technical jargon
    We are committed to using accessible, open language to convey clear and informative messages.
  10. Responsibility of role, NOT entitlement
    We take our fiduciary responsibility for the money entrusted to us on behalf of our clients very seriously. This is upheld within our investment approach and culture.



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