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Our Investment Approach

Diversification through a multi-asset approach
The Atlas Portfolios are multi-asset funds. Our investment teams blend together the best funds across different sectors, ensuring that different asset classes and geographies are represented. The value of individual investments can go down as well as up, so it makes sense to have a mix of different investments that move in an unrelated way. This helps to reduce risk and achieve the investment objectives. We blend assets by:

  • Asset Type (such as equities, bonds and alternatives)
  • Geographies (different economies and political systems)
  • Asset Managers (who manage the funds we buy)
  • Styles of Management (such as active or passive)

Best-in-class investment management
The Atlas Portfolios are multi-manager funds, investing in a range of other funds run by specialist asset managers. Our experienced Global Multi-Asset Solutions team selects the best manager for the job at any given time, so you will find some of the best-known names in the fund industry within the Portfolios.

Always at the helm with dynamic, active management
We have a dynamic, comprehensive and robust investment process. Our investment team monitors the Portfolio every day, always making sure the existing holdings are appropriate. The Fund Managers invest where there are the most compelling market conditions, while using strategies that protect against market downturns.

Unfettered and objective
The Santander Atlas Portfolios are unfettered, which means the Global Multi-Asset Solutions team is not restricted in its investment scope, so your clients have access to some of the best funds from across the entire investment industry. Every decision our managers make is based on objective investment expertise, not our commercial interests.

Blending different investment styles
Many multi-asset funds adopt a binary approach to selecting passive or active managers within each asset class – it’s either all active or all passive. By blending both strategies, the Atlas Portfolios mitigate investment-style risk, because passive and active funds tend to perform better at different points in the market cycle.


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