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Atlas Portfolios

Portfolios Overview

Whether your clients are looking to invest for growth or income, the Atlas Portfolios can offer a good all-round solution. Our focus is on quality, diversification, cost control, and a clear approach to how much risk your client is taking.

There are five Growth Portfolios, each managed to a specific risk profile, so you can choose a Portfolio that suits your client, depending on how much risk they are prepared to take.

There is also an Income Portfolio, which aims to achieve a minimum target level of income of 4%, as well as some capital growth, regardless of market conditions.

Although the Portfolios have their own objectives, they all take the same approach in achieving those objectives:

  • Diversification across different asset classes and geographies so that your client can benefit from opportunities that arise in different places and in different market conditions
  • Clarity over the amount of return they can expect for a given level of risk (for the Income Portfolio, we specify a target risk range)
  • Access to the highest quality of Funds
  • Some of the lowest charges and fees on the market
  • Peace of mind that your clients’ investment is being closely monitored and managed every day, to a clear set of objectives