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Investment Capabilities

Best Corporate Governance

Santander Asset Management has broad investment capabilities around the world, employing over 700 people in 11 countries. Of these, 205 are seasoned investment professionals who share their local experience to give us a truly global/local advantage.

Global Investment Experience
We manage a wide range of assets across many different markets around the world. We are the leading investment fund manager in Latin America and have a presence in major European Union markets.

A Flexible Approach
Our approach to investment management is flexible. We have demonstrable in-house management strengths – for example, in equities and fixed income. In addition, we firmly believe in the concept of multi-asset, harnessing the expertise of external fund managers.

The Best Fund Managers
We select and monitor the best Fund Managers around the world to manage our clients’ money. This proven investment approach gives us the potential to increase the wealth of our clients within a well-controlled and disciplined environment.

*As at December 2016