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The Growth Portfolios

The Atlas Growth Portfolios are ideal for clients looking to achieve capital growth, but who want to be clear about how much risk they are taking in order to achieve that growth. The Funds are actively managed and well diversified. They have one of the lowest cost structures on the market, so you can be confident their returns will not be eaten away in charges. There are five Portfolios, named Atlas 3 through to Atlas 7, each with their own risk profile.

A clear objective for risk and reward
Each of the Atlas Growth Portfolios works to a similar objective of aiming to “achieve long-term growth in value through capital appreciation and income.” The Portfolios will aim to do this whilst targeting their own level of volatility over the longer term.

Managing risk
Each Portfolio is designed to sit within a given risk profile. The risk profile is used within the naming convention of the Funds (i.e. Atlas 3-7). This is based on Santander Asset Management’s own in-house 1-to-10 risk scale, with 1 being the least risky and 10 being the riskiest. The investment team will manage the Portfolio to this risk profile, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be taking any more risk with your savings than you feel comfortable with.

Each portfolio is managed within defined asset class ranges, with the mid-point of the range being the 'neutral' position, but by no means the target position.

Targeting volatility
The five Growth Portfolios have clearly differentiated target volatility levels to appeal to different client segments. We use longer-term data because short-term volatility is unstable and can force reactive investment decisions. The table shows the volatility bands for each Portfolio. Whilst we are committed to maintaining these target bands, they may be modified if market conditions weaken the effectiveness of long-term volatility as a core measure of risk. This preserves the best outcome for clients.

What are the charges?
The Atlas Portfolios all have a low annual management charge of 0.40%, and we are committed to keeping our ongoing charges below 0.99%.

Find out more
If you would like more information on these Funds, please visit our Product Literature page. Factsheets, Key Features and Past Performance data for our Funds can be located on our Funds Prices, Performance and Documents Tool.


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