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Awards and recognition

A Consistent Process Generates Performance and Awards.

As a result of our management excellence, we periodically receive recognition for the performance of our funds in each country.


Expansión & Allfunds Bank Awards (April 2018)
The Santander Small Caps Spain Fund was awarded Best Spanish Equity Fund, the BME Blas Calzada Ibex 2017 award as well as second Best Investment Fund of all categories. For its part, the Santander Solidarity Responsibility Fund was named Best Solidarity Fund and Santander AM Spain was a finalist in the category of Best Asset Manager.

Citywire Fund Manager Awards (October 2017)
Lola Solana has been awarded Best Spanish Equity Manager in 2017 by Citywire, one of the most prestigious firms in the industry.

World Finance Investment Management Award 2017 (July 2017)
Winner of the World Finance Best Investment Management Company, Spain, 2017 for both Fixed Income and Equities categories.

Expansión & Allfunds Bank Awards (May 2017)
Santander Responsible Solidarity Fund was awarded the Best Solidarity Fund in the 2017 Expansión / Allfunds Bank awards.

World Finance Investment Management Award 2016 (July 2016)
Winner of the World Finance Best Investment Management Company, Spain, 2016 for both Fixed Income and Equities categories.

Expansión & Allfunds Bank Awards (April 2016)
Santander Dividend Fund awarded Best European Equity Pension Fund, Altair Inversiones Fund awarded Best Moderate Multiactive Fund, Santander Latin American Equity Fund awarded Best Latin American Equity Fund & Santander Small Caps España Fund for Best Fund in Spanish stock market.

Morningstar Awards (February 2016)
Santander Dividend Pension Plan awarded Best European Equity Pension Plan.

Inversión a fondo (El Economista) awards  (October 2015)
Inversión a Fondo Magazine, of El Economista, awarded to SAM for the best Employment Pension Plan 2014 due to the return obtained by the Cepsa employees plan.

World Finance Investment Management Award (July 2015)
Winner of the World Finance Best Investment Management Company, Spain, 2015 for both Fixed Income and Equities categories.

Morningstar Awards (March 2015)
Recognition of great asset management. The Altair Patrimonio Fund and SPB Global Stock Market pension plan, both managed by Santander Asset Management, have been ranked as best in their category in the recent Morningstar awards.

Expansión & Allfunds Bank Awards (March 2015)
The Santander Latin American Equity Fund, won first place in the Latin American Equity category, while the Santander Dividend Pension Plan, achieved the accolade in the category of European Equity Pension Plans.

Leaders in Mixed Funds  (January 2015)
Santander Asset Management Spain once again stands out as one of the asset managers who have seen greatest inflows, with three of its Mixed Funds ranked Top 5 in Spain in 2014.

World Finance 2013  (August 2013)
Santander Asset Management Spain was named Best Spanish asset manager for the consistency and quality of its investment management.


Premios Salmón 2018 (April 2018)
The Santander Private Banking Aggressive, Emerging Global Equity, Latin American Fixed Income, Chilean Equity, Long Term Income UF and Medium Term Income Mutual Funds were all recognized on this occasion.

FundPro 2017 Awards (March 2018)
The Santander Latin American Corporate Bond and Santander AM European Equity Opportunities Funds were awarded best funds in the Latin American Fixed Income and Developed European Equities categories, respectively.

Premios Salmón APV 2017 (November 2017)
The Santander Global Emerging Equity achieved first place in the Emerging Equity category while the Santander Chilean Equity and the Santander Long Term Fixed Income Funds were awarded second place in categories of Large Cap National Funds and Fixed Income Funds greater than 365 National Days and Duration of less than 3 years, respectively.

Premio ALAS20 2017 (November 2017)
Presented with ALAS20 2017 Institution Award, the highest award recognized for leadership, consistency and excellence in the public disclosure of information surrounding responsible investment practices, corporate governance and sustainability research.

Premios Salmón 2017 (May 2017)
Best Long Term Fixed Income Fund in the category of Fixed Income funds of > 365 calendar days and less than 3 years’ duration. The Santander Global Emerging Equity Fund, Santander Chilean Equity Fund and Santander Emerging Asian Equity Fund all gained second place in the categories of Emerging Equities, Domestic Large Cap Equities and Emerging Asian Equities respectively.

Morningstar Awards 2017 (March 2017)
Best Asset Management Company for Equities (Global & Local) in 2016.

Premios Salmón 2016 (embargoed until 11 November 2016) 
Best Global Emerging Equity Fund in Emerging Equity Fund category & Best Long Term Fixed Income Fund in category of Fixed Income funds of > 365 calendar days and less than 3 years’ duration.

Premios Salmón 2016 (April 2016)
Premio Salmón 2016 award was granted to the Santander Renta Largo Plazo Pesos Mutual Fund in the category of Debt > 365 days in pesos.

Diario Financiero and Agencia de Líderes Sustentables 2020 awards  (October 2015) 
Diario Financiero and the Agenda de Líderes Sustentables 2020 awarded the sustainable leaders of Chile, including Santander Asset Management that won the second place in the category leader in sustainability research institution.

Premios Salmón  (April 2015)
Diario Financiero together with Asociación de Administradores de Fondos Mutuos in Chile, awarded the Premios Salmón to those funds that delivered the best returns in 2014.

Highest net sales asset manager  (January 2015)
In 2014, Santander AM was ranked as the highest net sales asset manager in the Chilean industry in value added funds. The Chilean asset manager had a great year in their value added funds. It ended with a market share of 12% seeing an increase of 0.47% for the year. Furthermore, it ended the year with a 13% share of total revenue, representing an annual increase of 0.65%.

Premios FundPro (September 2013)
Santander Asset Management Chile was awarded Best Manager in Balanced Funds. Furthermore, the following funds were recognised as being the best in their respective categories: ‘Santander A’, Santander Private Banking Aggressive’, ‘Santander C’, ‘Santander Private Banking Moderate’, ‘Santander D’, ‘Santander Developed European Equity’ and ‘Santander Treasury’.

Premios Salmón 2013  (April 2012) 
Santander Asset Management Chile was awarded first place for the ‘Santander Acciones Europa Desarrollado’ Fund in the APV series in the category of ‘Developed European Equity Fund’, The ‘Santander Global Financial Shares’ Fund and the ‘Santander Money Market Euro’ Fund also won prizes in their respective categories of ‘Sectorial Shares Fund’ and ‘the International Less than 90 Day Low Debt Fund’. The ‘Santander Emerging Asian Shares’ Fund, in the APV series, won second prize in the ‘Emerging Asian Shares Fund category’.


World Finance Global Pension Funds Awards (September 2017)
Awarded Best Pension Fund Provider Portugal 2017 in the World Finance Global Pension Funds Awards.

Diário Económico / APFIPP Awards (June 2015)
SAM Portugal wins two Diário Económico / APFIPP* 2015 awards for the Santander Acções América and Santander Poupança Futura Funds. *Portuguese Association of Investment Funds, Pensions and Portfolios.

Morningstar awards  (May 2015)
Santander Asset Management has been awarded the Best Equity Manager in Portugal in the latest Morningstar awards.


Star Ranking  (June 2015)
Standard & Poor's, together with Apertura magazine, have distinguished Santander Asset Management Argentina G. F. C. I. S. A. as Top Asset Manager 2014, in the ninth edition of the prestigious awards, which are presented to the funds industry by the risk rating agency.


World Finance Investment Award 2016 (July 2016)
Winner of the World Finance Best Investment Management Company, United Kingdom, 2016.

5 Diamond Rating  (January 2015)
The UK asset manager’s funds receive a 5 Diamond Rating 2015.Santander Atlas Portfolios, the UK’s asset manager range of risk targeted, multi asset funds aimed at intermediaries is awarded a 5 Diamond Rating for the 3rd consecutive year.

2014 Gold Standard Award  for Fund Management (November 2014)
Winner of 2014 Gold Standard Award in Fund Management, success for the 6th consecutive year. Now in their twelfth year, the Gold Standard Awards are one of the most respected and toughest awards to achieve within the UK financial services industry as they are designed to identify a select few who are going above and beyond standard business practices to promote consumer trust in the sector. It also offers an increasingly important overall measure of whether a company is working towards meeting the strict requirements imposed by ongoing changes to the sector.

2013 Gold Standard Award for Fund Management  (November 2013)
Santander Asset Management UK has been awarded the Gold Standard Award in Fund Management for the fifth consecutive year in recognition of its commitment to ‘Treating Customers Fairly’.


Exame Ranking (December 2017)
Santander Asset Management Brazil named 'Best Money Market Fund Manager' for the fourth consecutive year.

Standard & Poor's Global Ratings (July 2017)
SAM Brazil has been highlighted as "Top Asset Manager 2017" with seven funds rated five stars in the Fixed Income and Multi Market categories.

Best Funds for Institutional Clients (June 2016)
Brazilian financial magazine, Investidor Institucional, has released its latest issue of ‘Best funds for Institutional Clients’ (data as at 31 December 2015), produced in partnership with Luz Engenharia, a local financial consultant company, where SAM Brazil stands out in third place, with 24 funds rated Excellent.

Ranking in Broadcast Projections Award (June 2016)
SAM Brazil Economists once again made one of the most accurate economic forecasts and reached the 3rd place in the two forecasts categories, the Overall Top 10 and Basic Top 10, in the annual ‘Broadcast Projections Awards’. The ranking, which is now in its tenth edition, has recognised the quality and consistency of local financial institutions’ forecasts that have come closest to the actual economic indicators results in 2015.

Best Bank to Invest (February 2016)
For the second consecutive year, SAM Brazil has been awarded the “Best Bank to Invest – 2015”. Furthermore, SAM has also been awarded the Best Bank to Invest for the Retail Segment. The ranking is produced by the Centre for Finance Studies from the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), in partnership with Fractal Consult.

Guia Exame Top Ranking (December 2015)
For the second consecutive year, SAM Brazil has been awarded the “Best Money Market Asset Manager”, with seven funds rated ‘Five Stars’.

Investidor Institucional (September 2015)
SAM Brazil has been ranked second in the overall ranking of “Best Funds for Institutional Segment”, with 14 funds rated “Excellent”. The ranking is published by a specialized magazine, Investidor Institucional, and developed by a leading consultant in Brazil, Luz Engenharia.

Star Ranking (June 2015)
In its semiannual edition, the ’Star Ranking’ has highlighted SAM Brazil Mutual Funds as the “Best Fixed Income Mutual Funds” with 4 funds rated 5 stars. The ranking is issued exclusively by Standard & Poor’s and published in the trade journal Valor Investe.

FGV Ranking  (February 2015)
Santander Brazil has been awarded ‘the Best Bank to Invest with - 2014’, according to the. Conducted by the Centre for Studies in Finance from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), in conjunction with the Fractal Consult. In addition, we received the highest ranking in Fixed Income, Money Market and Retail Selective funds.

Star Ranking  (January 2015)
Once again, the asset manager in Brazil and their funds are recognized. In its quarterly ’Star Ranking’ (issued exclusively by Standard & Poor’s), the trade journal Valor Investe awarded the highest score – a 5 Star Rating – to 8 funds managed by Santander Asset Management Brazil (7 fixed income funds and one multimarket). Furthermore, 11 of them received a 4 Star Rating classification.

Exame Top Ranking  (November 2014)
Ranked top in Money Market category, with seven funds classified as ‘Five Stars’.

Investidor Institucional  (June 2014)
Ranked no. 1 for funds for institutional clients. The financial magazine, Investidor Institucional, has released its latest edition of "the best funds for institutional clients" (data to 31 December 2013) in Brazil and Santander Asset Management stands out in first place, with a total of 22 funds classified as Excellent.

Broadcast Projections & Valor Investe ranking  (June 2014)
Ranked 1st place in ‘Broadcast Projections’ & Valor Investe ranking. The asset manager in Brazil most accurately forecasts key economic indicators and gains top ranking in Basic Top 10 category and receives award for Top Management of Funds in Major/Flexible Joint Allocation category.

Valor Investe  (December 2013)
In its quarterly ’Star Rating’ (issued exclusively by Standard & Poor’s), the trade journal awarded the highest score – 5 stars – to eleven funds managed by Santander Asset Management Brazil. This rating is reserved for those funds that obtain returns, which are both higher than average (relative to the analyzed group) and above the risk free interest rate.

Standard & Poor’s Rating  (June 2013)
Santander Asset Management Brasil was awarded ‘Best Fund Manager’ for funds in the Flexible Mixed Allocation category. Within this ranking, a total of 15 funds were awarded five stars while 16 funds received a four star rating.


Citywire Top Ranked  (October 2014)
Santander Latin America Corporate Bond Fund ranked top in its category by Citywire.

Lipper Thomson Reuters list  (March 2014)
The only Spanish asset manager in the top-25 in Europe for fund inflows. Santander Asset Management is ranked 19th in Lipper Thomson Reuters list, becoming the only Spanish asset manager present in the European ranking.


MMD Multi Manager GmbH ranking  (March 2014)
Select Funds ranked amongst the best actively managed funds. The Santander Select Defensive Fund and the Santander Select Dynamic Fund both received a 5-star rating whilst the Santander Select Moderate Fund was awarded a 4-star rating.


Morningstar Awards (February 2016)
STER-OP Fund awarded Best Mexican Equity Fund by Morningstar.


ALFA 2017 awards (March 2018)
Three funds managed by BZ WBK TFI SA were nominated and awarded ALFA 2017 awards: Arka Presti? Corporate Bond, Arka BZ WBK Corporate Bond & Credit Agricole Stable Growth.