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Our Funds

Our Funds

Santander Asset Management manages assets across many types of investment vehicles, from mutual and pension funds to discretionary portfolios and alternative investments. Santander Asset Management’s investment solutions include multi-asset solutions as well as Latin American and European fixed income and equities mandates.

Santander Asset Management UK (SAM UK) is the local investment arm of Santander Asset Management. SAM UK was created on 1 January 2007. Both entities share a common objective, working to develop investment solutions that aim to deliver consistent performance for their customers.

Here are some of the Fund solutions we offer:

Multi Strategy Solutions
Our Santander Atlas Portfolios for Growth and Santander Atlas Income Portfolio offer your clients a global multi-asset, multi-manager solution that takes a risk-targeted approach to meeting their investment needs and expectations. With a capped ongoing charge of 0.99% across all of the Portfolios, we bring active, multi-asset investing to the everyday investor.

UK Equity Income Solutions
Our Santander Equity Income Unit Trust and Santander Enhanced Income Portfolio are ideal for clients looking for a solid, sustainable income that grows over time. We aim to appeal to all types of investor, especially those looking for an alternative way of producing income in retirement.

UK Fixed Income Solutions
If you are looking to diversify your clients’ portfolios and need a good, solid building block in the form of a fixed income investment, we have three Funds to offer. Our Santander Sterling Government Bond invests mainly in bonds issued by the UK Government, the Santander Corporate Bond gives your clients the chance to benefit from the growth of European companies, with less risk than holding shares and finally the Santander Strategic Bond that has the freedom to invest across the entire fixed income market, wherever we see the best opportunities.


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